Johanna Squires




Sandra Isano

Placement Country: Rwanda
Title: HIV Research Program Officer
Partner: Rwanda Zambia HIV Research Group
An ideal state in which oppression has been dismantled or weakened to the point of no longer negatively impacting the health outcomes of non-dominant social groups.

Johanna Squires is from the Washington, DC area. She has worked in the domestic HIV sector for over five years, beginning as an administrative assistant at Metro TeenAIDS (which later joined Whitman-Walker Health), but soon transitioning into direct service, where she provided intensive community-based case management to individuals and families affected by HIV. Johanna studied Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University, focusing on armed conflict in sub-Saharan Africa. Drawn to the profession’s commitment to social justice, Johanna earned her Master of Social Work degree from the Catholic University of America with a dual clinical and social change focus. For her field placement, Johanna worked with survivors of political torture. To relax, Johanna enjoys lively conversation with family and friends and dancing.