Josephine Ndikubwimana




Grace Lincenberg

Placement Country: Rwanda
Title: HIV Research Coordinator
Partner: Rwanda Zambia HIV Research Group
I wanted to be part of the equity movement. I believe in fairness and inclusion of the marginalized.

Josephine Ndikubwimana was born and raised in Nyakinama, Rwanda, and trained to be a pharmacist at the University of Rwanda. After graduating from university, Josephine worked as research assistant at Clinton Health Access Initiative within the nutrition program, where she helped the team to conduct the Fortified Baby Food (FBF) market survey, cohort study, and preparation of the FBF campaign. Prior to joining GHC, Josephine completed her master’s degree in global health delivery at the University of Global Health Equity. Currently, Josephine is heading a retail pharmacy, serving the population in Kigali. In her daily life, she always keeps her smile on her face, and she likes to hang out with friends, watch movies, and read inspirational books.