Justine Mweene Nkaama




Colleen Leonard

Placement Country: Zambia
Title: Senior Research Associate
Partner: National Health Research Authority
An equitable health system is access to available quality and acceptable health services regardless of their socio-economic status in society.

Justine Nkaama was born and raised in Mumbwa, Zambia and now lives in Lusaka, Zambia. Justine is a dedicated researcher and project implementer, championing a coordination between informed planning, implementation and control of projects aimed at promoting health equity. Prior to joining GHC, Justine worked as a Monitoring and Evaluation Analyst at Kukula Capital, where he implemented projects to improve access to five basic human rights, including water, health, and education, for employees working under an institute for human rights in three provinces. He also promoted the use of safe and clean water during his internship at Levy Mwanawasa, in which one of the compounds had high prevalence rates of water borne diseases. Justine received his bachelor’s degree in demography from the University of Zambia. He likes watching soccer and is very adventurous. Justine believes that with dedicated and combined efforts, social justice is a sustainable reality for all.