Katelyn Severt




Elly Kiiza

Placement Country: Uganda
Title: Operations Manager
Partner: Innovation Program for Community Transformation (InPact)
I am motivated by each individual I've met around the world, from different religions, different upbringings, who've overcome different hardships yet hold one common belief: health care is a right regardless of any geographical or socioeconomic boundary.

Katelyn Severt was born in the small town of Coldwater, Ohio. Prior to the fellowship year she worked in insurance, and in her free time, was the financial coordinator on the company’s Hunger Relief Campaign, where she organized company-wide events to raise funds for the Mid-Ohio Food bank. Katelyn received her Bachelor of Science in dietetics from the Ohio State University, where she volunteered with Girls On the Run and Food Matters. She attributes her passion for empowering youth to the hours spent with these two organizations. Upon graduating from university, Katelyn spent a year leading community development and wildlife conservation programs around the world, primarily based in Cambodia. In this role she facilitated all travel logistics, project planning, and nightly events. She loves early mornings, coffee, a good flannel, and documenting her travels through film photography.