Kshipra Hemal




Mulenga Mukanu

Placement Country: Zambia
Title: Research Program Officer
Partner: Population Council
I am a Global Health Corps fellow because I want to work to eliminate disparities in health by identity markers such as gender, race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and immigration status.

Kshipra Hemal is from New Delhi, India and currently resides in Winston Salem, North Carolina. She went to Duke University where she studied statistical science and women’s studies. In her second year at Duke, Kshipra co-founded Duke Inquiries in Social Relations, a longitudinal survey that exposed faults in Duke’s campus culture regarding romantic relationships, alcohol use, and incidence of sexual assault. Kshipra addressed these weaknesses by creating the Duke Student Government Research Unit, an initiative taken to increase evidence-based policymaking. In her last two years, Kshipra combined her passion for statistics and medicine by studying heart disease in women. Using data from a Duke clinical trial, Kshipra published results on sex differences in the presentation, evaluation, and testing of patients with suspected heart disease. In her free time, Kshipra enjoys weightlifting, running, listening to music, and reading.