Kutha Banda




Perlita Carrillo

Placement Country: Zambia
Title: Senior Research Associate
Partner: Ministry of Health – Zambia

Kutha Banda is from Lusaka, Zambia. She acquired her bachelor’s degree from the University of Zambia with a major in population studies. She is currently enrolled in a Master of Public Health program. Most recently, Kutha worked with development data on a project called Mobilizing Access to Maternal Health in Zambia by helping women access maternal health services through strengthening of the community structures that support them. Kutha also helped facilitate Safe Motherhood Action Group trainings in rural areas. Kutha is passionate about the use of evidence-based research for policy guidance and program improvement. She interned at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-Zambia and worked on a tool that is used for management purposes by acquiring data from different sources and mapping them to show program performance in different sites.