Chibo Shinagawa




Emma Twagirumukiza

Placement Country: Rwanda
Title: Quality Assurance Specialist
Partner: Ministry of Health – Rwanda
Health equity means access to quality and affordable health care that is available for all people. It is a call to action for Universal Health Coverage and ‘health care as a human right’ by ensuring our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Chibo Shinagawa was born in Berkeley, California and raised in Ithaca, New York. She is a reproductive justice activist, global health policy researcher, and community organizer committed to quality healthcare for all. Most recently, Chibo interned with Team Heart, a nonprofit promoting sustainable cardiac care in Rwanda. Previously, Chibo served two years in the Northern Province of Rwanda with the U.S. Peace Corps as a Maternal and Child Health Volunteer. She was also a Field Organizer for the 2014 Martha Robertson Campaign for Congress and has worked for several nonprofits and universities. Chibo holds a Master of Science in Global Health Policy and Management from Brandeis University and loves salsa dancing, photography, hiking, and writing poetry.