Luigi Nuñez




Pauline Namutebi

Placement Country: Uganda
Title: E-Learning Officer
Partner: PSI Uganda
To me, health equity is about ensuring that every human being is not denied their intrinsic right to a decent and healthy life.

Born in Camden, New Jersey to immigrants from the Dominican Republic, Luigi Nuñez received his undergraduate degrees in mathematics and computer science from Saint Joseph’s University (SJU). At SJU, Luigi served with and for others in areas including the Appalachian Mountains, US-Mexican border, and Peru. As an intern of SJU’s immersion programs, Luigi facilitated reflections on Catholic Social Teaching, privilege, structural injustice, poverty, and intentional language. He also interned at Chiltern International, working on programming for clinical research studies and therapeutic areas such as endometriosis and oncology. Luigi also served as the Vice President and National Delegate of SJU’s Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity. Luigi enjoys learning about different social issues, keeping up with global events, and going on spontaneous walks.