Maria Martinez



Placement Country: Rwanda
Title: Curriculum Development Officer
Partner: Spark MicroGrants
Health equity means bridging the gaps that limit individuals and populations from living healthy, fulfilling lives.

Maria Martinez was born in Bogota, Colombia, but spent most of her life in the Midwest of the United States and currently resides in Kampala, Uganda. She loves looking for ways to make health programs more efficient and building ways to use data for innovation. Prior to joining GHC, Marie worked as a Program Coordinator for Days for Girls International, where she spearheaded a program for women to create and run their own Days for Girls Enterprises in Northern Lebanon. While at Days for Girls, she also helped to revamp Days for Girls' business training curricula and inventory and production tracking system for their offices around the world. Maria holds a Bachelor of Arts in neuroscience studies from Macalester College. In her free time, she enjoys photography, watching documentaries, and petting all of the dogs that she can.