Marlene Mumukunde



Amira Anne

Amira Anne Pettus

Placement Country: Rwanda
Title: Business Administration Systems Liaison
Partner: The Ihangane Project
Health equity is the accessibility of good health services and opportunities for all regardless of economic status.

Marlene Mumukunde was born in Kigali in the beautiful country of 1000 hills, Rwanda. She is passionate and committed to empowering and advocating for the vulnerable for the social good. Prior to joining GHC, Marlene volunteered at an NGO working with sex workers in the poorest area of Migina, Rwanda to build confidence and self-resilience through capacity building training. Prior to this, Marlene worked with DuHope Rwanda promoting social, health and economic sustainability. She received her bachelor’s degree in applied biology from the University of Rwanda. Marlene’s hobbies include tasting new food and spending quality time with friends and family. She aims to grow her advocacy skills for the promotion of health equity on a larger scale.