Martin Zakov




Olatunde Oludeye

Placement Country: United States
Title: Software Developer for Humanitarian Health Technology
Partner: Vecna Cares Charitable Trust
I joined GHC for the opportunity to help secure the right to adequate health care for more people around the world.

Martin Zakov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria where he got his bachelor’s degree in computer science and master's in business administration. Martin has been working in the IT field for over a decade and also volunteered with the Bulgarian Red Cross as a disaster management specialist. He's been involved in building and supporting volunteer teams, responding to disasters, and the coordination of recovery efforts within the country. Martin has participated in several international projects including capacity building missions in Kosovo and Georgia. Since moving to the United States, Martin joined the American Red Cross as a Disaster Action Team member, helping families recover from house fires. In his free time, Martin enjoys going to the gym, playing board games, and listening to music.