Meredith Hutchins




Ivan Mwase

Placement Country: Uganda
Title: Fundraising and Development Officer
I became a GHC fellow to join a global community that is working alongside local partners to make the idea of ‘health is a human right’ into a reality.

Meredith Hutchins grew up in Carson City, Nevada, USA. She studied medical anthropology and global health at the University of Washington and holds a master’s in public health from Boston University. Outside of the classroom, Meredith has worked at several global nonprofit organizations including Partners In Health, the African Food and Peace Foundation, StopTBGhana, and Care2Communities. Within each organization, she has worked to promote health equity and systems strengthening through sustainable funding, development, and partnerships. She has also served on the board of trustees of the Cambridge Women’s Center, a grassroots-driven nonprofit. In her spare time, Meredith enjoys figuring out how many books the public library will allow her to check out at once.