Mia Lei




Veronica Mukhuna

Placement Country: Malawi
Title: Quality Improvement Officer
Partner: Ministry of Health – Malawi
Health equity means using my time, labor, and resources as a means of making reparations for the privileges that I was given at birth.

Mia Lei was born and raised in the Chicago, Illinois. She is obsessed with health policy and dedicated to changing government to be more engaged and responsive to historically impacted populations. Prior to joining GHC, Mia was involved in the youth movement for the right to health through program design and advocacy work as a member of the GlobeMed family. In college, Mia helped launch and direct the American Mock WHO. After graduation, Mia worked in Health in All Policies with the City of San Francisco, first administering pollution prevention programs as a San Francisco Fellow and then using data science to link land use to vulnerable road user injuries as a Transportation Safety Research Assistant. Mia enjoys listening to podcasts and channeling her energy into teaching exercise bootcamps. Our generation will only maximize its potential when we’ve taken the time to listen to each other’s lived experiences. GHC has a clear dedication towards cultivating a thoughtful community that wants to learn, reflect, and grow together.