Michael Phiri




Piero Mazimpaka Irakiza

Placement Country: Zambia
Title: Public Health Analyst
Partner: Zambia National Public Health Institute
Health equity to me means having a scenario where everyone in the world regardless of socioeconomic status,religion,location, age and gender have full access to health education and health services based on unique areas and amount of need.

Michael hails from Lusaka, Zambia. His large scope of research has focused on sexual and reproductive health, early childhood development, access to mental health services, and social factors that impact those living with sickle cell, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS. Prior to joining GHC, Michael was a Psychology Tutor at the University of Zambia where he also worked on research with the Department of Psychology and Gender Studies. Additionally, he has worked as a volunteer school counselor at the International School of Lusaka. In his free time, Michael enjoys playing chess and going on tours.