Michelle Korte | Global Health Corps

Michelle Korte




Cecilia Amaral

Placement Country: United States
Title: Global Policy Associate
Health equity is the absence of systemic disparities in achieving a life complete with dignity, respect, and the fulfillment of basic human needs. While much work remains in the realization of this goal, it is humanity’s imperative to see it through.

Michelle Korte hails from the verdant town of Bowling Green, Kentucky. A first-generation college student, she graduated from Yale University in 2015 with distinction in global affairs and international development. On campus, she held leadership positions with the Filipino Club, the Women’s Leadership Initiative, and multiple Yale publications. Her work as a social justice reporter in South Africa deepened her interest in leveraging writing for social change, particularly around health advocacy. She researched substance abuse at Boston Medical Center before moving to Uganda with Innovations for Poverty Action, where she managed data collection for two evaluations about mHealth and community health workers, working with UNICEF, the Ministry of Health, BRAC, and Living Goods. Michelle also enjoys salsa dancing and baking anything and everything chocolate.