Mlezi Maziko Mtambalika

Mlezi Maziko



Rebecca Gross

Placement Country: Malawi
Title: Partnership and Programs Officer
Partner: Ministry of Health – Malawi
What motivates me everyday is the realization that everyone has a purpose and a role to play, and a responsibility in life to create a better world for all. It starts with me.

Mlezi Maziko (Mazie) Mtambalika was born in Lilongwe, Malawi. She studied business management at Exploits University. During her studies, Mlezi worked for the Center for Youth Empowerment and Civic Education as a project assistant where she worked with youth who were neglected by their family and guardians. She assisted in developing young people’s vocational skills and training them on business management to economically empower them to be positive contributions to their communities. Mlezi also participated in and carried out several assessments on service delivery of government and non-government projects which looked at the quality of services and the level of community satisfaction on such services. She completed her studies in 2014 and was working for Concern Worldwide before joining GHC. Mlezi enjoys dancing, interacting with people and fashion design.