Monica Macheca




Safaa Garelnabi

Placement Country: Uganda
Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Associate
Partner: LifeNet International
The upholding of human dignity should be central to the mission of all health systems. Health equity occurs when all people have access to the appropriate resources, specific to their individual needs, to flourish physically and emotionally.

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Monica Macheca moved to Boston, Massachusetts to attend Boston College in 2012 and has been living there ever since. Prior to GHC, she worked as a Health Economics and Outcomes Research Analyst at Analysis Group, an economic consulting firm focused on statistical analyses of prominent medical devices and drugs on the U.S. market. While at school, Monica volunteered at a suicide prevention hotline and tutored for the G.E.D. at a state prison. She continues to work with those in the corrections system as a leader of a weekly support group for men living in Boston halfway houses. Monica enjoys distance running, practicing and teaching yoga, and attending concerts.