Muhammad Ahmed Bin Daud

Muhammad Ahmed Bin



Erica Crittendon

Placement Country: USA
Title: HIV/AIDS Program Implementation Specialist
Partner: New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Health equity means moving beyond microbes and cures-looking at not merely biological imbalances and diseases, but the rampant pathologies of inequality, poverty, and lack of opportunity that still plague billions worldwide.

Muhammad Ahmed Din Daud grew up in nine towns and cities across Pakistan and is now living in Lahore. He recently graduated from the medical school at the National University of Sciences and Technology in Islamabad. Beyond his clinical practice, Muhammad works to improve healthcare access through mobile technology. He most recently worked with Devigital Systems, a Lahore-based IT company to develop web and mobile applications that link healthcare seekers with reliable health information and services. He also volunteers with CareForHealth, a community mental health organization that rehabilitates those recovering from mental illness, and educates the public to counter stigma around mental health issues. In his free time, Muhammad likes to pedal around town, discovering places only a bike can take you.