Nguza Yikona




Bethany Larkin

Placement Country: Zambia
Title: Health Informatics Officer
Partner: Akros
Good health is a fundamental right to every human being.

Lusaka, Zambian-born Nguza Yikona attended Lovely Professional University in Punjab, India, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science in information technology. While completing his studies, Nguza worked as a part-time software developer and co-launched a project aimed at helping people implement app ideas at no cost. Nguza’s passion for equality compelled him to join a fellowship in India called Shalom, a student’s initiative focused on evangelism and the support of vulnerable children. During his fellowship, Nguza was head of the media team and participated in various charitable donations to underserved children. After graduating, Nguza worked as a software engineer and later worked as an IT specialist on a water and sanitation project.