Nicole Beatriz Michelen

Nicole Beatriz
Placement Country: USA
Title: Program Manager
Partner: Vecna Cares Charitable Trust
Health equity means that everyone, regardless of his or her economical status or country of origin, has an opportunity to live a healthy life.

Nicole Michelen was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, grew up in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and has lived in New York, Georgia, and Washington D.C., USA. She is an engineer who is passionate about technology and health delivery. Nicole has spent the last year in Barcelona, Spain obtaining her Master’s degree in Global Health from the Universitat de Barcelona. Prior to joining GHC, Nicole was a Senior Consultant for Manhattan Associates where she worked with a team to optimize her clientele’s productivity by automating their warehouses, distribution orders, and transportation systems in the U.S and abroad. She also worked and volunteered in the Dominican Republic health arena for years in organizations such as the Dominica Red Cross and School of Autism of the Dominican Republic. During her free time, Nicole enjoys cycling.