Nicole Sova




Faith Nassiwa

Placement Country: USA
Title: Program Manager
Partner: Vecna Cares Charitable Trust
Prioritizing health equity is critical as health is the foundation upon which we all build our lives. Health equity would improve all aspects of life - extend life expectancy, enhance life quality, and enable the pursuit of opportunities.

Originally from Olean, NY, Nicole Sova is a biomedical engineer who is passionate about utilizing research and technology to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare. She has lived in Athens, OH for the past six years while pursuing her undergraduate and graduate studies. As an Ann Lee Konneker Cutler Scholar, Nicole volunteered in two clinics in Arusha, Tanzania, led an engineering project in Maase-Offiso, Ghana, and conducted research in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Athens, Ohio. She also conducted research at the National Cancer Institute through the Amgen Scholars Program, an experience that confirmed her dedication to reducing health disparities. In her free time, Nicole enjoys rock climbing, reading, and spending time with her family. Nicole's desire to contribute to an organization with a mission of improving the health of others and to join a global community of leaders with the same desire is what motivated her to become a Global Health Corps fellow.