Ogechukwu Okeke




Leviticus Madzi

Placement Country: Malawi
Title: Data Analysis Technical Advisor
Partner: Ministry of Youth Development, Sports, and Manpower Development
Health Equity, to me, is the eradication of all factors that cause social injustice and health disparities among varied groups of people. The availability of and access to the best of healthcare and health choices, for all. A necessity not an option!

Oge Ebele Okeke was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. She has lived in Grenada, the UK, and now New Jersey, USA. She is a passionate leader, advocate, and voice for those unable to speak for themselves and in disadvantaged circumstances. She is deeply committed to advocating for abused women, girls, and children, and she spends her free time and resources providing for homeless individuals in her community. Prior to joining GHC, Oge worked as a policy analyst with the Grenadian Ministry of Health, where she informed policy recommendation for the National Influenza Pandemic Plan. Oge received her bachelor’s degree in biology and her master’s in public health, health policy and administration. Oge enjoys running and plans to explore the globe, one marathon at a time.