Paul Elish




Tikulirekuti Banda. C

Placement Country: Zambia
Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Partner: Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia
It means everyone can access healthcare when they need it, without undue obstacles and with dignity.

Paul Elish is originally from Maine but has lived in Washington, DC for the last two years. He is an advocate of universal healthcare access that bridges cultures and languages. Prior to GHC, he researched the U.S. healthcare system and advised hospitals on strategic planning as an analyst at the Advisory Board Company in Washington, DC. He spent a year in Peru serving as a research assistant evaluating tuberculosis and HIV treatment programs in a prison, public hospitals, and NGO clinics in Lima. He's a linguaphile and enjoys practicing his Spanish, French, and Portuguese. You can also find him running or burrowed in a history book. Paul was struck by GHC's sense of community built around health equity, and wants to become a part of it in order to learn from it, contribute to it, and help forward the cause of universal health access.