Peter Ishimwe




Matthea Roemer

Placement Country: Rwanda
Title: Key Populations Program Fellow
Partner: Rwanda Zambia HIV Research Group
Health equity means addressing health and wellness according to the needs and priorities of an equal society.

Peter Ishimwe hails from Kigali, Rwanda. He is committed to and passionate about helping vulnerable people access equal health care in an equal society. Peter holds a Bachelor of Science in pharmacy with honors from the University of Rwanda. While attending the University of Rwanda he volunteered and then became a Vice Coordinator at Rwanda Village Concept Project RVCP, a non-government, non-political, volunteer organization focused on promoting sustainable and responsible interventions at the village level to encourage self-reliant, community-oriented and informed citizens. Prior to joining GHC, Peter worked as a Pharmacist for more than three years at Pharmamed Pharmacy, a retail pharmacy located in Kigali where he offered pharmaceutical care services, health education, and medication management to his clients. During his free time, Peter enjoys reading and writing quotes, listening to music, and playing or watching football.