Robyn Bernstein




Mwiche Sensenta

Placement Country: Zambia
Title: HIV Research Fellow (Ndola)
Partner: Rwanda Zambia HIV Research Group
For me, health equity means everyone has the right to the highest level of health regardless of background. It means removing barriers to care and working together to empower communities.

Robyn Bernstein hails from Maryland, USA. She is a passionate advocate for health as a human right and leveraging epidemiology as a tool to work towards health equity. Prior to joining GHC, Robyn served as the director of education at the HAVEN Free Clinic, counseling patients on lifestyle modifications, evaluating programming, and managing clinic volunteers. As an intern at the Center for Research on Epidemiology of Disasters in Belgium, she worked on updating the Persons Affected By Conflict Report and investigated excess mortality in Yemen. During her time as an undergraduate in Michigan, Robyn helped organize the Sujal Symposium for Global Health and Social Justice, bringing together participants across disciplines to further the mission of global health equity. Robyn’s hobbies include crossfit and reading.