Samia Kemal




Enock Rwamuza

Placement Country: Rwanda
Title: External Relations and Communications Coordinator
Partner: University of Global Health Equity
That health is a human right and no one should be denied quality, life-saving care for any reason. Period.

Samia Kemal hails from Connecticut, USA, but has lived in NYC for the last four years. She is fascinated with the use of mixed-media to tell community stories and advance global health dialogues - be it traditional communications or film, podcasts, and photo series. During her undergraduate studies, Samia was awarded the Trinity College Human Rights Fellowship, which funded a summer internship in the executive office of Amnesty International USA. While at Amnesty International, Samia had the opportunity to work alongside the chief digital officer, where she learned how well-crafted campaigns could inspire action. Prior to joining GHC, Samia worked as digital strategist at Columbia SIPA, where she piloted a digital fundraising program and crafted campaigns for meaningful giving opportunities. Samia holds a Master of Public Health from Columbia University. During her free time, Samia enjoys creating podcasts, water-coloring, roasting veggies, hiking, and spending time with her friends and family.