Samson Fiado




Madeleine Dimarco

Placement Country: Malawi
Title: eHealth Officer
Partner: Clinton Health Access Initiative
Health equity means sound and good health including access to impeccable health services is everybody’s human right regardless of their social status, ethnicity and gender.

Samson Fiado was born and raised in Muyambutsa Village, Malawi and has lived in Lilongwe for the past two years. He is a young innovator and software engineer. Prior to GHC, Samson worked as a Software Development Specialist for IC-Tech Africa, a Senior Software Development Officer for AHL Commodities Exchange, and a Software Developer for Baobab Health and Trust. He also founded a technology start-up called EasyBooks Solutions. Through his work, Samson has developed and implemented a number of ICT innovations for various sectors including health, agriculture, and waste management. While at school, he co-facilitated the implementation of the Early Infant Death and Viral Load Lab Information Management System. Samson obtained a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from Polytechnic, University of Malawi. He enjoys traveling, networking, and meditating.