Sarah Kashef




Jessica Turner

Placement Country: USA
Title: Associate, Global Policy and Advocacy
Partner: IntraHealth International
To me, health equity is understanding that beyond the fact that health is a human right, that health is holistic in nature. In order to achieve health equity, we must achieve social equity on all fronts. Everyone across all sectors must synergize!

Sarah Kashef hails from Washington D.C. She believes that health equity is a holistic endeavor and is interested in investigating the links between systemic oppression and health outcomes. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts in urban studies, public health, and sociology from Columbia University. Her passion for global health has taken her all over the world. Prior to joining GHC, Sarah conducted global health research in the US, India, South Africa, Brazil, Cameroon, and Morocco working on projects to lessen the HIV burden from mother to child. Through these projects, she created data systems to strengthen local health facilities and has researched traditional and local systems of medicine and healing. Sarah has presented her research at global health conferences and has led lectures about the links between colonization and health disparity. During her free time, Sarah enjoys photography, watching documentaries, and going to concerts.