Shayni Geffen




Anastasia Cossette

Placement Country: USA
Title: Health Fellow
Partner: Covenant House
Health equity means ensuring that structural barriers to accessing healthcare are eradicated. Everyone should have access to meaningful physical and mental healthcare services regardless of their class, age, gender, race or citizenship.

Shayni Geffen hails from Cape Town, South Africa and is passionate about improving access to mental healthcare services in her city. She is most proud of working with a variety of civil society organizations aimed at improving the mental wellness of displaced people. Prior to joining GHC, Shayni worked as an Assistant Manager of a Children’s Homeless Shelter and as an Operations Manager for a program centered on helping migrant women integrate into Cape Town. She is also a volunteer counselor at Lifeline Western Cape, a telephone counseling hotline. Through her work experience, Shayni recognized the need for a systematic approach to reducing psychological pathology in under-resourced settings effectively. Shayni has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Gender Studies from the University of Cape Town. In her free time, Shayni loves being with friends (and making new ones), hiking, and kundalini yoga.