Thurayyah Zawedde



Placement Country: Uganda
Title: Development Officer
Partner: Shanti Uganda
Health equity means a dignified well being for all, irrespective of background, sex, religion, tribe and economic status.

Thurayyah Zawedde hails from Kampala, Uganda. Before joining GHC, Thurayyah co-founded and served as the director of a for-profit company called LAWOMZA. A lawyer with a special interest in human rights, she is passionate about advocacy for women's rights and economic development for all. Thurayyah has volunteered and worked with different communities in Uganda to ensure access to health services, food, and water. She recently spearheaded an effort to providing affordable irrigation services to small scale farmers around Uganda. Thurayyah enjoys public speaking and, on many occasions, she has mentored young entrepreneurs on starting, managing, and running a legal business in Uganda. Thurayyah holds a Bachelor of Arts from Makerere University.