Veronica Mukhuna




Mia Lei

Placement Country: Malawi
Title: Communications, Strategic Planning / Consulting Officer
Partner: Ministry of Health – Malawi
Health equity is recognizing that every human being has a right to be healthy. It is about increasing opportunities for everyone to be healthier regardless of his/her status in the society.

Veronica Mukhuna was born and raised in the rural district of Balaka, Malawi and now lives in Blantyre City, Malawi. Veronica has a strong interest in development communication. She strives to use her stories to advocate for social justice. She is motivated to influence health, social, behavior and economic change through communication. Prior to joining GHC, Veronica briefly worked for The Catholic University of Malawi as a Marketing and Publicity Officer. She has worked with a local NGO, Youth-Net and Counselling, in starting the first development communication-oriented national radio station in Malawi. Veronica holds a postgraduate diploma in media management and a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and media studies. Veronica enjoys reading fiction books. She is also a sport fanatic, especially football. GHC offers Veronica an opportunity to be part of the network of young people that are bringing solutions to global health inequalities.