Violette Nalutaaya




Devin Faris

Placement Country: Uganda
Title: Program and Advocacy Officer
Partner: SOUL Foundation
I am motivated by passion and resilience. I have a desire to point the poorest to opportunities that will address their long standing problems.

Violette is originally from Uganda, where she worked with a local organization training youth in social enterprise and financial literacy. Through her work with this organization, Violette taught personal development, budgeting, and vocational skills including candle and soap making to youth. Violette holds a bachelor's degree in development economics from Makerere University, Kampala and pursued her master’s degree in sustainable international development at Brandeis University. While working with the Malaria Consortium, she carried out needs assessments and conducted baseline and endline surveys. She also mentors young mothers in her community and started her own recycle-reuse project in Uganda.