Leading through COVID-19

Dear friends of Global Health Corps,

In the short time that COVID-19 went from virtually unheard of to the number one trending topic around the world, it has infected over 700,000 people and ended tens of thousands of lives and counting. In myriad ways, the pandemic is disrupting our individual and collective lives. Yet as much as we all long for a return to normal, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to question which aspects of normal we want to reinstate.

In an eventual post-pandemic world, we envision a new normal: effective and diverse leadership, strong health systems, and collective agreement that health is a human right for all.

I’m proud of our 1,000+ leaders’ relentless commitment to forging this new status quo. They’re working around the world to prepare for and respond to the pandemic: strengthening medical supply chains, mobilizing community health workers, leveraging technology to connect hospitals with critical equipment, advocating for strong government coordination, and expanding access to clean water and soap in slums and villages.

Our fellows and alumni bring fresh insights, born from their nontraditional backgrounds and lived experiences with inequity, to the unprecedented challenges we face. Armed with an equity lens and a deep understanding of systems, they’re also working hard to ensure marginalized populations with a wide range of health needs don’t fall through the cracks. And they’re sharing hard-won lessons and insights across borders and boundaries of all kinds, from East and Southern Africa to the U.S. and beyond.

We are adapting and innovating our program as needed during this time of upheaval and our belief in the power of collective leadership to transform global health is unshakeable. You can read more about recent program changes here, including our decision to pause our 2020-2021 international fellowship roles and expand our national fellowship roles to meet the changing needs of our partner organizations.

I hope and trust that all of GHC’s friends and supporters are taking good care and reflecting on how we can build a stronger, healthier future. Now more than ever, I am grateful for your partnership.


Heather Anderson