Friendships in Fellowship


  1. Friendly association, esp. with people who share one’s interests.
  2. A group of people meeting to pursue a shared interest or aim.

One of the unique aspects of the GHC fellowship is the co-fellow relationship model. Unlike most fellowships where you go through it alone, GHC adheres to the purest definition of the word by encouraging collaboration and camaraderie between to people with shared interests.

What has been truly exciting is learning about the other interests of my co-fellow William has, and sharing in them with him.

One interest in particular is William’s passion for woodwork. Every Saturday, William has been teaching me how to make wood furniture. It has been a cool experience learning about this craft and a chance to get to know my co-fellow in a new light away from work. It has strengthened our ability to communicate with each other through challenges and has eased my transition greatly into Zambian culture and life.

In the past six months, our GHC Fellowship has gone beyond the mutual interest of global health and development work, it has also become a truly friendly association between two people.