Introducing GHC's 2024-2025 U.S. Leadership Accelerator Cohort, June 2024

Join us in welcoming 30 rising health equity leaders from across the U.S. to our community! 

We selected 30 fellows for their leadership potential and their commitment to advancing health equity in the U.S.​

Throughout the fellowship, we’ll support them as they learn from each other, build critical leadership skills, join our lifelong global community, and continue driving change within their organizations.

Read on to learn more and meet a few of them!

*FQHC = Federally Qualified Health Centers, FCC = Free and Charitable Clinics 

Fellows work within public health agencies and organizations including: 

Through the 12-month, fully funded program, GHC will provide fellows with access to: 

Executive coaching and GHC staff coaching & support

A global network of peers, leaders, and advisors across 40+ countries

Monthly virtual workshops, 2 in-person convenings, and small peer group learning & reflection

A library of resources and asynchronous learning materials for continued learning & development

Kenicia McGarrell

Kenicia McGarrell

Prevention Consultant, New Jersey Community Development Corporation | NJ4S (Statewide Student Support Services) for Passaic County, West Orange, New Jersey

Kenicia’s identity as a Afro-Guyanese woman raised in the U.S. is central to how she approaches her public health work. She believes that taking the time to understand each others’ cultures and lived experiences has the potential to unlock systemic change and how communities access healthcare. 

Like many members of the GHC community, Austin is a relative newcomer to the public health sector. After witnessing the glaring inequities that disproportionately impacted local homeless communities, the elderly, LGBTQIA+ folks, and refugee populations in his hometown he knew he had an obligation to bring his passion for community service to the sector. 

Austin Andrews

Austin Andrews

Performance Management/Quality Improvement Coordinator, Davis County Health Department, Syracuse, UT

Metzli Navarro Gonzalez

Metzli Navarro Gonzalez, MPH, CHES

Health Services Grant Senior Project Manager, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas (PPGT), Dallas, TX

For Metzli, healthcare is personal. And in a state like Texas, the personal is the political. As a rising leader, she has dedicated her career to dismantling the systems of oppression that continue to exacerbate poor reproductive and maternal health outcomes, and continues to provide an all-around more versatile and diverse approach to the ever-changing field of healthcare.

The intersection of global warming and community health outcomes pushes Shane to advocate for Environmental Justice. His activism is shaped by communicating how environmentally unjust actions have harmed the public health of historically excluded people. Through the Leadership Accelerator, Shane hopes to strengthen his global health understanding to better inform his Environmental Justice advocacy.

Shane J. Lee

Shane J. Lee

Program Coordinator, Sustain Our Futures Foundation, Chicago, IL