Organization Name: Raising Voices
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Eligible Citizenship: Uganda
Role Code: G05-Nat

Role Overview

The Program & Learning Officer will work with the Violence Against Children (VAC) Prevention team at Raising Voices to support all aspects of our programming, communications and learning in and around schools across Uganda. The intention of this role is to promote and support knowledge assets to strengthen programming and achieve organizational objectives by making the best use of knowledge. The Officer will promote interlinkages, sharing and efficient information exchange between different departments within the VAC Prevention team to foster more streamlined internal and external processes, and to ensure staff draw on and use institutional experience and memory. The Officer will also support in external communications about our work to prevent violence in schools. Much of this role will focus on learning from our efforts to scale our flagship methodology, the Good School Toolkit which prevents violence in schools by promoting positive, healthy relationships and learning environments in over 1,000 schools in Uganda. The role will also support our efforts to provide focused support for schools in supporting mental health of learners and teachers and advocating for prioritization of mental health among children at school. Equally important will be a focus on how the Good School Toolkit can deepen its impacts for girls and to help strengthen our work to reduce sexual violence and sexual harassment in schools particularly at the Secondary level. 


  • Support the VAC prevention team to provide quality technical assistance to schools to prevent VAC and improve student’s mental health through the Good School Toolkit and Mental Health module 
  • Strengthen the link between learning and practice, ensuring all monitoring data and ongoing VAC learning activities, including formal research collaborations, are feeding into practice 
  • Support staff and partners to share knowledge effectively and efficiently through digital platforms
  • Conduct ongoing research about the field of mental health to continue refining and strengthening our approach to supporting mental health in schools
  • Provide support for ongoing formal research collaborations on mental health and violence against children in schools
  • Support advocacy and communications needs and campaigns as part of a national influencing agenda

Skills and Experience

Items indicated with an asterisk (*) are required
  • Demonstrated project management skills with the ability to ensure internal and external stakeholders meet deadlines and successfully implement projects*
  • Strong writing and communications skills, with experience synthesizing and disseminating learnings to internal and/or external audiences*
  • Experience working with information and knowledge management systems, ideally Microsoft 365’s One Drive*
  • Demonstrated experience identifying knowledge management problems, and proposing or implementing knowledge management strategies*
  • Experience working in the education sector in Uganda
  • Experience supporting mental health outreach or support services
  • Experience with mobile data tracking applications and remote data collection 
  • Quantitative or qualitative data analysis experience 
  • Experience writing research reports and/or research briefs 
  • Experience working on violence against children prevention or violence against women prevention

About the Organization

Raising Voices is a feminist non-profit organization based in Kampala, Uganda. Founded in 2000, Raising Voices aims to create, support, and elevate grounded violence against women and children prevention. We work to realize this vision by creating approaches that catalyze social norm change in communities, rigorously studying and learning from our prevention work, and sharing our experiences to shape the field of violence prevention. The VAC Prevention Team’s overall aim is to strengthen national efforts to prevent VAC in and through schools and contribute to the creation of safer learning spaces and relationships between children and their teachers. To realize this, we:

  • Support the rollout and implementation of the Good School Toolkit’s whole school approach to transform the operational culture of schools across Uganda
  • Build an opinion infrastructure around the issue of violence against children in schools through ongoing national dialogues and key influencing events with line ministries and civil society spaces
  • Iteratively learn from our work through internal learning initiatives, robust program monitoring and strategic formal research collaborations 
  • Advocate regionally and globally for the prioritization of prevention of violence against children in and through schools and build a community of practice and learning among practitioners, researchers and thought leaders working throughout the Global South 
Role Function: Advocacy, Communications, Operations / Logistics
Issue Area: Gender Based Violence, Mental Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health

Stipend, Benefits, and Logistics

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