Sheila Sibajene

Zambia Senior Country Manager

Prior to joining GHC, Sheila worked to support public health initiatives through training, knowledge transfer, research and collaborative ventures with the Zambian government, German and US development agencies, and local and international tertiary institutions. She has supported the program coordination of numerous training initiatives, including the HIVCorps/HealthCorps Fellowship Program, Fogarty International Clinical Research Scholars/Fellows Programs, and the AIDS International Training and Research Program. With a background in business and project management, Sheila has focused most of her time working on providing solutions to bridging the gaps in public health, good governance, institutional capacity building and education. An adventurer at heart, she enjoys travel, dance, and music.

Fun Fact: Growing up, Sheila’s dream was to travel and follow in her father’s footsteps in international development. On her adventures, she would recommend her favorite books, Emma by Jane Austen and The Prophet by Khalil Gibran.

To realize health as a human right requires collaboration, passion, and unending commitment from all of us. That is the work we are engaged in and we know that progress is possible!

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