Uganda, “the pearl of Africa,” is a rapidly-growing country in East Africa with a diverse landscape and a large youth population. Addressing global health issues such as HIV/AIDS and family planning remains challenging despite tremendous government leadership and impressive work from civil society organizations.

We are proud to have worked in Uganda since 2010, partnering with the Ministry of Health and a number of NGOs countrywide to develop the next generation of health leaders. To date, we have recruited and trained 218 young leaders placed within 47 partner organizations.ugandamap_122016

Our fellows work on issues ranging from conservation health to malaria prevention; our highly engaged and dynamic alumni network represents a bright future for health leadership in Uganda.

Our Accomplishments

GHC Voices in Uganda

  • 2017-2018 Uganda fellow Cinderella Anena wrote about youth engagement for New Vision in honor of International Youth Day. She also delivered a motivational talk to students at Taibah Junior School about “The Power of Collective Action as Emerging Leaders For Change” with the Girls Leadership Academy.
  •  2017-2018 Uganda fellow Sheila Kansiime sounded a powerful call to action to end maternal mortality in Uganda in “Striving For A Day When No Mother Dies During Child Delivery.”
  • The (Not-So) Secret Suffering of Health Workers in Uganda: Taylor Hendricks, 2015-2016 alum, decries the poor conditions Ugandan health workers endure and the need to strengthen the health system from the inside-out.
  • Fishermen Fatalism and An Increasing Risk of HIV in Uganda:  Savannah Russo and Heather Zimmerman, 2014-2015 Uganda alums, examine the social, economic and political reasons why men who fish for a living in Uganda are at especially high risk for HIV infection.

2018-2019 Uganda Fellows at Training Institute

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