Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

Our mission is to mobilize a global community of emerging leaders to build the movement for health equity. We are building a network of young changemakers who share a common belief:

Health is a human right.

Our Vision:

We believe that every person has the right to live a healthy, dignified life. We also believe that everyone has a role to play in advancing social justice through the health equity movement.

We embrace a philosophy of active problem solving and partnership that is designed to bring about real and sustainable progress. We are committed to creating a new breed of health sector leaders who develop innovative solutions to the most challenging health problems all over the world.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion:

We are a community of leaders who are proud to represent many different national, racial, ethnic, socio-economic, religious, gender, and other identities. We represent varied professional backgrounds, collaborating across fields and sectors to form a powerful, close-knit network of changemakers. Our diversity as a community is our strength, driving our ability to be empathetic, visionary, and effective leaders in the health equity movement, and engage with the world with dignity and respect.

We recognize that structural injustice and individual prejudice are at the root of health inequities, and we commit ourselves daily to the work of building just systems. Our staff is a global team dedicated to fostering the leadership growth of our fellows and alumni worldwide. We strive to develop and be global health leaders who practice social justice. Our program is designed to equip fellows with the vision, skills and fortitude to challenge injustice and facilitate new ways of working together. We celebrate and intentionally cultivate the many identities that we represent, and we are committed to fostering accountability, trust, and collaboration.