All Work and No Play?

Reading through this blog you might be starting to wonder whether the only thing GHC Fellows ever do, think about, or talk about is work. Well, mostly yes. The jobs that we do and the places where work demand that 90% of our time is dedicated to getting stuff done. No one who accepts a GHC fellowship is happy to skate by.

But let me also assure you that the other 10% of our time goes to a good use: good ol fashioned fun. A year spent in a beautiful country with wonderful new friends means that opportunities for adventure and relaxation abound. I’m blessed to be living in the most beautiful country in Africa: Malawi. And no year spent in Malawi is complete without a few visits to the shores of beautiful Lake Malawi. Here are some 2012-2013 Malawi Fellows enjoying the gorgeous sunset at Cape Maclear.

If you decide to join the Global Health Corps be sure to pack a swimsuit and a good novel along with that business suit and laptop! GHC = hard work, frustration and dedication, AND fun and adventure.