“Between What is Common and What is Right.” by Kutha Banda, 2016–2017 Fellow

As a child, I was often called inquisitive. Adults told me I had a “creative mind.” I remember bringing my friends together to perform plays, poems, and all sorts of activities at school. I wanted to try everything. I was not a quiet child. I started using my voice early in the Anti-AIDS club and environmental club. I barely knew about HIV/AIDS and yet I wanted to learn more and speak out about it.

Fast forward 20+ years, I find myself working in global health. It’s a field where there is so much to care about. So much to speak up for in my native Zambia and around the world. What I didn’t realize was that over time, I had lost some of my inquisitiveness. I had lost some of the eagerness and boldness I was known for as a little girl. I almost started to accept what is common for what is right….