Leading Intentionally Through Transition

Dear friend,

Recently, my family and I moved all of our earthly belongings from one Brooklyn apartment to another. Even as I mourned the end of a decade-long era in our old home, I welcomed the change of scenery and additional space. As we went about unpacking and settling in, I found myself thinking about how important it is to be intentional in transitions.

After a year of feeling stuck in pandemic-induced chaos and monotony, it feels like we might just, finally, be starting to transition to a brighter place. With multiple highly effective vaccines rolling out at an increasing clip (albeit wildly unevenly around the globe), there’s reason to hope. And yet, now is precisely the time that we must resist complacency most, because vaccines alone will not save us. How can we transition intentionally, heeding COVID’s lessons to build a more equitable world where all people can live with dignity? 

The GHC community of 1000+ leaders and growing are leading the way with boldness and humility. They’re protecting and advancing health equity by strengthening supply chains, creatingmore robust databases, tackling food insecurity, advocating for human-centered laws and policies, practicing anti-racism, and training health workers to be more effective. They’re doing the hard and necessary work of recovery while prioritizing strong health systems for the long haul.

Here, at the beginning of the end of facing COVID-19, we have to be intentional about putting people first — and investing in their leadership and agency — as we embark on the transition to the other side. Our entire team at GHC is proud to continue nurturing and unlocking the potential of our community of leaders. We’re deeply grateful for your partnership in the journey.


Heather Anderson
Chief Executive Officer
Global Health Corps