Scaling up nutrition for mother and children!

Hello Global Health World!

It’s with a great pleasure and honor to greet you today. My name is Afadhali Diallo from Rwanda, pharmacist by career, a Global Health Corps fellow and Supply Chain Analyst at Clinton Health Access Initiative. Working for a reason to make impact in people’s lives is one of the best things you can do in your lifetime! The non-governmental sector is one of the places to make this a reality as you get to explore more diverse ways to contribute! This though process took me to the western world, and my journey kicked off!

What’s next? Back to my homeland Africa, the vision has been and still is to help people scale up health in all possible ways. I aim to explore more possibilities to help people help themselves in order to make a sustainable contribution. I have been working to help the world, mainly young children and people living with HIV/AIDS in Malawi, to scale up nutrition, through a strategy called community-based management. I investigate ways of promoting sustainable nutrition to assist the government in helping its people.

I am still motivated and excited to see our work making impact in people’s lives. You never conceptualize it until you live it! Being on the field is of the utmost value for you to bring real help to the needy! If you do care, join the movement to promote health on a higher and better level. Health equity for all!

I am so in love with global health! It does not take means to become a hero, it just takes will! Careers in health are full of opportunities, and they do not require you to have a clinical background; all you need is your potential!

Want to get your voice heard on an international level? Want your actions to be global? Want to make lasting impact? Join us in caring for the future!
Once a fellow, always a fellow!
A healthy people, a wealthy nation!
Together for health; health forever!