Technology and Health: Impact of phone network radioactivity on neighboring communities

In the 1990s, cellular phones first became widely available in the United States. Over subsequent years, however, its roll out and usage has increased dramatically worldwide. To harness this increased demand, desire and roll out, telecommunications service providers worldwide had to, and are still, placing towers in several communities: mainly in areas they deem allows their system (base station) to radiate as much signal as possible. Against this backdrop, some of these points have turned out to be within homesteads. These towers, also called base stations, have electronic equipment and antennas that receive and transmit radio frequency (RF) signals. These signals are, however, radiated where humans live. The question is, what impact does this have on the health of the humans exposed to this radioactivity?

A photo showing a tower erected in the middle of settlements in Iganga Town, Uganda: Photo Credit: Author

In several communities in Uganda, telecom companies rent land space at points where they find optimum coverage of their network radio signals. These are majorly hills outside urban areas or on top of hills in cities. The fact is that you and I are 100 million times exposed to electromagnetic radiation than our grandparents were at any point of their lives. The cell towers are only exponentially growing the level of exposure. Studies have shown that humans and animals exposed to electromagnetic fields suffer an impact in terms of sleep disorders, birth effects and cancer, among other infirmities. Amazingly, this fact is not entirely obscure to the most exposed people but without question, they downplay the magnitude of the effect.

The danger of Mobile towers stems from the fact that they emit microwaves at 900, 1800 – 1900 MHz frequencies. Studies have shown that the intense radioactivity from mobile phone towers adversely impacts every biological organism within 1 square kilometer. Studies have shown that humans are equally electromagnetic; each cell in our body has their own EMF, though at a very low level of around 10 hertz. Several years of research has shown that inducing any frequencies above 10 hertz to the human system heavily impacts human health and towers emit microwaves at 1900 MHz which is much higher to a measure of 1900*10^6 of the human frequency.

Such increased energy waves destroys chemical and molecular bonds in human and animal body systems thus creating disorder in the basic biochemical structures of the victims. Such energy has negative effects on enzymes, DNA, genes, hormones etc. and often results in headaches, low sperm count, cancer conditions, and Alzheimer’s.

Protecting oneself from such dangers is possible but probably expensive for the local man. Products like SafeSpace provide innovative solutions that have an “aharmonization” effect to the harmful nature of EMF. The best natural way, however, is to stay away at a reasonable distance from such equipment. This therefore calls for regulators in respective countries to strongly monitor the erection of telecommunication towers before and after establishment in a bid to protect humans.