The magic of having a healthy baby.

It’s always one’s dream to have a healthy baby at the right time. One may ask which is the right time to have a baby?

While I have been practicing in the health field, I have come to learn that the right time is:

  • When both partners are ready and willing to take on responsibility, without having a baby by mistake.
  • When the mother has developed both psychologically and physically to hold and sustain the baby throughout the period of gestation to term.
  • When there are enough resources to care for the baby, and other family members, especially the first two months after birth. The newly born family member should make everyone happy in all aspects.

When and how can this be attained?

This can be through regular family planning uptake by mothers. For the rural women this will depend on the accessibility and availability of these services.

I have listened to testimonies from mothers who have been able to space their children through modern family planning methods. It’s a rewarding venture to the whole family but most especially the mother. She is able to retain her shape, keeps healthy, have healthier spaced children and be able to cater for her family.

Women waiting to receive family planning services