Why pay more

Consultation  fees to see a doctor at the local health center where I work are only 2000 Ugandan shillings, or less than a dollar. This is significantly less than the 25000 shillings that I was used to before signing up for GHC Fellowship. This is exactly what I was looking for – a health center able to meet community needs cheaply, yet with quality assured.

At Kyetume Community Based Health Center Mukono in Uganda, where I currently work as the Health Center Administrator, I find joy working with a team of health workers who are still very committed to giving quality service despite the trends in Africa today, where “value for money” is the norm.

Here at the health center, a delivery can go for only about 20 dollars, with the mother and child leaving in good health. Ambulance services in case of referrals are almost free. As for HIV Clients, I am always exploding with joy to see these precious people come for their ART treatment regularly and leaving our premises with endless smiles. And, what’s more, we are working as a team to serve our community of under-served people even better.

It is at this moment that I pause and ask the question, “Is it possible to make health care accessible and affordable to the local communities while maintaining quality?” I now have an answer; you probably have one as well. I have now found my part to play. My answer to this is partnership, which the Global Health Corps fellowship has given me the opportunity to pursue. Thank you GHC.