Letter from our CEO

I joined Global Health Corps (GHC) seven years ago because I was inspired by a leader, her small but mighty team, and a mission that spoke to my heart. After starting my career as a management consultant, I made a dramatic shift in my late 20s to follow my passion for women’s health and rights and never looked back. As I pursued this new path, I learned that my skills and experiences, though not directly health-related, equipped me to lead projects and manage teams working to build a more equitable world. I recognized that a diversity of backgrounds and non-medical skills are essential to solving complex global health challenges, and thus began my journey with GHC.

I am honored that our Board of Directors has appointed me to serve GHC and our mission to transform health systems through leadership as CEO. Over the past decade, GHC has trained and seeded the global health field with 1000+ innovative, resilient young leaders. I’ve had the privilege of being inspired by the commitment and creativity of so many of them: Zambian entomologist Kochelani, who is bringing his love of insects to bear on malaria prevention, Nigerian-American entrepreneur Temie, who runs a mobile tech company to deliver life-saving blood, and Ugandan software engineer Bonita, who is building a healthcare worker recruitment system, just to name a few.

Collectively, our global community of leaders is transforming broken health systems so that they deliver quality care for all. They are part of a generation of young people stepping up to address the intertwined issues of climate change, racism, and gender and health inequities. They are eager and ready to lead, and it is our responsibility to invest in them.  

I am grateful to our staff, fellows, alumni, advisors, partners, and supporters who are united by the conviction that health is a human right and working every day to make it a reality. I am humbled by the opportunity to lead GHC as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary and head into the next decade of building leaders. And if you’re not part of our movement yet, I welcome you to join us!   


To learn more about Heather, read her bio here.